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GSM/SMS/GPRS Handheld Remote Control and Tracking via modem or Cellphone. Remote-Control over GSM- Tracking over GSM – signalisation Telemetry and SMS Alarm Weather Station System Base Areas Working Stations Transformer Areas Factory, Home Systems Vehicle, vehicle Control Element for household and industrial automation control over GSM station via SMS communication. You are able to receive texts together with the event of a meeting routinely to GSM mobile (mobile) devices. You’ll be able to transmit control communications and turns the productivity – switch on/off equipment that is distant. SMS communications can be received by you at incident of the certain gatherings – functioning of access sensors. You’re able to deliver SMS communications for supervision of the different equipment (the conditioner, the heating equipment). Purposes (professional materials, climate stations, working stations, transformer stations, base stations, household, storage, workplace, etc): GSM Alarm – Systems GSM remotecontrol GSM Tracking GSM Telemetry Standard programs include: Oil and water metering, gasoline Water quality checking (air saturation) Water Structure lighting tracking Power control and station monitoring Monitoring is controlled by flood Fluid container level and temperature monitoring. Meteorological (weather) section monitoring Geological Security-system monitoring Water Rig control and tracking Procedure monitoring using SMS Supervisory control of water techniques (rating of water levels in rivers and dams) Remote monitoring and control of energy substantial transformers and low low voltage rooms Handheld remote control and monitoring of wind turbines Remote monitoring and control of gas circulation plants.

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Observe and manage your property security system from anyplace utilizing the mobile phone Automated meter reading Unmanned Station control Unmanned gadgets monitoring Knowledge centres and computer rooms checking and handle Acrylic temp oil-pressure inside the engine, nearby the oil reservoir, turbo pressure Rural equipment sensing and control Rural home security system, access control and alarm monitoring Control that is light Existence simulation HVAC (heating, ventilation, airconditioning) handle and monitoring Cold-room refrigeration system control and checking Vehicle remotecontrol (home security system, heater, key door) Realtime fleet management Remote monitoring and control of quality of air and moisture Checking the state of vending products for fill -degree Tracking the functionality and maintenance requirements of leased equipment Distant vehicle tracking (positioning, site, lock and ignition control) Lowcost telemetry program (wireless GSM and sms-based telemetry) Remote telemetry/meter (use SMS for knowledge telemetry, data-logging) Video monitoring BUILDING AND hOUSE AUTOMATION home-automation through handheld remote control and checking via your cellphone. You are able to change lamps on or off, close or open an electrical gateway, program a security alarm in case there is breach, send an SMS setting air conditioning for your level that is favorite. You can be also warned by the machine when there’s been an electric malfunction, etc. Lighting, heating air conditioning handle and temperature tracking. Substantial and modest complexes handle and tracking (lightings, heat, ventilation, air conditioning, lifts, fire protection, disaster power turbine, stability, TV). Remote monitoring and control of humidity and air quality. Remote-control of AC and heating methods. Recognition of important sensors (flame, lift, revolving gear, air-conditioning, electric problem, water circulation etc.).

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Alarm management through SMS GSM & message. Access-control and Oversight of entrance entries. Management with lighting automation. Handy remote control of strategies that are various in building robot with worrying. Local control of electric voltage cabinets that are high. TEMPERATURE MONITORING In stores the appliances and freezers incorporate share that’s a value that is significant. Using our remote-control element mounted on the thermostat can, the company responsible for preservation informed when the heat rises above a preset stage. Once notified a specialist could be sent to correct the situation. SECURITY-SYSTEM home security system communicates an SMS to the safety business.

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This communication could be re-routed to locations that are other. By delivering an SMS using your cellular phone alert devices deactivated or might be stimulated. UNMANNED EQUIPMENT CHECKING Unmanned Bottom Stop, other and telecom gear checking and handheld remote control over GSM using SMS. Info centers and computer locations remotecontrol and checking (air-conditioning, advantages, standby electricity generators, fire alarm systems, temp meter and water loss alarm). IRRIGATION SYSTEM AND pUMP STATION MONITORING A typical software – is rural push channels which can be widely used by water-supply and water treatment plants. A seed or manufacturer may need to observe a level the liquid that’s motivated to or in the pump station and may need-to monitor of the temps on pumps’ reduced fee, in a sump. Computerized motor pump remote-control process and model checking with Text Message notice strong to your cellular phone.

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Accounts messages including: Low-Flow; Ruthless; Low-Pressure; Hi Temperature; Oil-Pressure; Low Pump Tension; Superior Pump Force; Substantial Motor Heat; Low Engine Oil-Pressure. Simply contacting SMS and awaiting the return text message can checks whenever you want operational position. The engine pump device can simply be shut down slightly in the operator’s cell phone. Via Irrigation Control. With all the text message it can also today produce alert home elevators reservoir levels, pump conditions, tube leaks or flows. Together with the text instruction can quit, beginning or jogging of cleansing method. Checking weather conditions and soil water affecting pump adjustments and the cleansing schedules. Handy remote control water pumps.

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Remote control and telemetry water tanks. Remote monitoring and control of cleansing soil humidity devices that are monitring and food handle. Remote and sECTOR Robot control of material machinery gear. Remote control of installment. Local control of chemical method and scary by SMS. Rural checking of varied energies (water, propane, electricity). Automation and rural scary of industrial power generators. Remote-control and monitoring of gas distribution crops. Generator fuel metering (volume and electricity remote metering).

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Substantial and low voltage rooms, monitoring and handy remote control of electricity transformers, wind-mills electricity machines. Telemetry for power transactions from energy plants that are various. With reporting energy displays rating,. Tank remote monitoring temperature and stage. Remote track of degree of chemical spycontrol.net – Phone Tracking Software spycontrol net tanks. Distant degree control of tanks. Legislation and track of creation tanks and propane tanks. Handy remote control of fuel tanks.

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